Adult & Kids Sunday classes for the colder days

Every season has it advantages and although I am going to miss the lightness of summer, I am looking forward to the cooler and calmer days ahead of us – that allow us to cozy up at home and creatively look at task we can do together with our children.

On three afternoons in autumn and winter I would like to inspire you to take the time to connect with your children over creative projects that we will first explore together but which then easily can be developed much further at home too. The season will start on November 8th exceptionally on a Saturday with a Printing workshop, followed by November 23rd with another Paper Fashion workshop and on December 14th the season closes with a Plasteline Video Animation workshop. The courses are taking place in Luxembourg and are from 15.00  – 16.30h.

All workshops are open from the age of 4 years onward and are open also for teenagers that would like to engage with their parents in fun, artistic, creative and imaginative workshops. These mixed age workshops have have been a really fun experience in the past and everybody brings their own inspiration and interpretation to it.

The workshops can be booked as a package of three for the price of 120 Euros for an adult and kid team or can be booked individually for the price of 45 Euros a team.

adultsandkidsautumnThe Printing workshop explores the different, fun options that you can easily recreate at home without needing a big printing workshop. You will be inspired to create prints that are beautiful and could be used as cards for all occasions and also prints that could be used on textiles.

Those of you, who receive my regular newsletters will know that we have done a Paper Fashion workshop already in spring time, but with the hat making that we concentrated on last time, I feel we have only touched the very surface so far. And I am excited to explore the subject further with those of you who have been there before and to create also with the new participants a truly original piece of paper art.

The Plasteline Video Animation workshop is also a repetition in my repertoire as it has been one of my favourite ones too! It is truly a workshop for all ages. Parents should bring a smart phone and in preparation for the class I recommend to download a free app. In the class we will then explore all the options of creative story telling and how to capture them in an animated film. We look at character building, scene setting and the options to film – and it is really easy – I promise you! No filming or technical expertise needed!

The classes are limited to 8 adult & kid teams, so please do book your spot early in order to avoid disappointment! I look forward to a truly creative season and to meeting you in person again soon!

Sonja x

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