What a fabulous summer – Newsletter August

business2What a fabulous summer we have had so far and for some of us we are only half way through the summer holidays. Yeah!! The summer kids art classes were great fun and we could work lots outside. We have had a few sessions of “Art in the Park” where we could create fun art works in the evening sun and even during my latest “Creative sparks 4 Businesses” (see above) we could work partly outside. Let us hope there are some more beautiful days to come! But even if the cooler days are ahead of us I have put together a fun, bright programme of nice classes for all ages. And I am currently researching locations for a relaxing & creative weekend workshop in November. So please stay tuned!


The time to work on my own artistic projects is always quite limited and I feel the same pressure that most of you deal with. When we finally make the time to create something, it first takes a while to get back into the flow of the painting or creation process in general. But if we stick to it, it is so worth the effort, we are overall happier, have spent more mindful time with ourselves and in most cases, we have created new beautiful objects or paintings.
If you want to use the rentrée to bring more creativity into your life, than join us in the new “Boost your creativity” classesI am offering on Thursday evening and Friday mornings starting on the 17th September.The spaces are filling up fast, so please get into touch soon in order to avoid disappointment.

kids classes dIf you want to provide your children with a creative time-out every Tuesday afternoon, over a 12 week period, there are still spaces for all ages in the kids art classes that I organise in co-operation with a parent initiative from Weimershof.
The aim of the classes is to provide the children with inspiration and materials to express themselves in all different kind of media.

There are always new co-operations and partnerships coming up. On the 20th September I will organise for the Bicycle Art & Film Festival another Plasticine animation workshop at Carré Rotondes and some further fun projects still to be discussed. For the registration and further information please check their web site in the coming weeks.

cutoutglassFor those of you who have already experienced the, “Boost your creativity”, classes once or twice 😉 – you will be happy to know that there will be new“Playful creative discovery” classes starting on the 12th November. I will update my website regarding these classes on our return from the holidays in September.

In September I also celebrate the end of my second year as independent artist and arts educator. Time to say a big thank you to all of you that have purchased some of my art works, that have come to my classes again and again and that have entrusted me to guide the creative souls of your children in their artistic development. It has been a fantastic experience! And I raise my glass to more fun to come!
Wishing you and your families a fabulous end of the summer and that we meet again soon!

Sonja x

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