Creative weekend sessions for parents & children for spontaneous subscribers – next workshop in November

On Saturday 29th September I am offering a 2h drawing workshop for children at my atelier from 14.00 – 16.00 in which we will explore drawing exercises with different materials. The class will be a fun introduction into drawing tips & tricks or an excellent repetition & eye and hand coordination training depending on the individual level of the young participants.
The class is targeted at children from the age of 6 – 12 years and costs 40 Euros for the session. As the workshop is limited to eight participants, please do book early in order to avoid disappointment.

On three Sunday afternoons in autumn and winter I would like to inspire you to take the time to connect with your children over creative projects that we will first explore together but which then easily can be developed much further at home too. The season will start on Sunday 30th September with a Printing workshop, followed by November 11th with a Paper Fashion workshop and on November 25th the season closes with a Plasteline Video Animation workshop. The courses are taking place at my atelier from 15.00  – 17.00.

All workshops are open for children from the age of 4 years onward and also teenagers that would like to engage with their parents in fun, artistic, creative and imaginative workshops are welcome. These mixed age workshops have have been a really fun experience in the past and everybody brings their own inspiration and interpretation to it.

The workshops can be booked as a package of three for the price of 150 Euros for an adult and kids team or can be booked individually for the price of 60 Euros a team. As the workshop is limited to 5 parent & kid teams, please do book early in order to avoid disappointment.

Looking forward to spend some cozy and creative afternoons with you and your children,

Sonja x

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