Subscription time for Creative art classes for children – in September 2019

Dear all,

I am happy to announce that I am offering again two sets of kids class in autumn. The classes will be taking place at my studio in Belair and they will be in English, German and French.

Creative art classes – for 4 to 6 year olds on Thursday afternoon

In 12 classes of 60 minutes, we are going to playfully explore the impact of colours, shapes and forms of the world that surrounds us. It is a class that allows the little ones to experiment with a wide choice of materials to express their imagination through painting, drawing, gluing, building, printing, etc. The classes are on Thursday afternoons from 15.30 to 16.30 and parents of younger children are welcome to participate and share the creative experience of their child. This class has a max. number of 6 participants.
The classes are beginning on Thursday 19th September 2019 and go through to Thursday the 19th December. During Luxembourgish school holidays and on the 17th October there are no classes. The course fee is 300 Euros (for a set of 12 classes) and includes all materials.

Creative art classes – for 7 to 12 year olds on Tuesday afternoon

In 12 classes of two hours, we are still playfully exploring the impact of colours and shapes of the world that surrounds us, adapted to this age group. The children are encouraged to find their own expression through experiments with different materials, techniques and styles. The practical part of the course is essential but we will be also discussing other examples of art and our own creations and as such learn how to talk about art and learn from each others experiences. The classes will take place on Tuesday afternoons from 15.30 to 17.30 and have a max. participants number of 10 children. 

The classes will start on Tuesday 17th September 2019 and go through to Tuesday the 17th December. During Luxembourgish school holidays and on the 15th October there are no classes. The course fee is 350 Euros (for a set of 12 classes) and includes all materials.

There is a sibling’s discount of 50 Euros on the total sum. In general, the fee is payable on subscription and I hope you do understand that refunds will not be available. The participants should wear clothes that can get dirty or should bring an apron that protects their clothing.

Should you have any further questions or should you be also interested in creative classes for adults or teenagers, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

For the course reservation please contact me through the contact page.

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