Inspire your creativity with all your senses – in the south of France

Come and join me for a summer in the south of France at the foot of the Pyrenees – blue skies and plane trees shadowing the streets, charming alleyways winding between old houses, and crickets chirping in the midday heat;  the  aroma of fresh “baguette” in the morning and a fragrant coffee on the terrace of a sports bar in the afternoon.

This could be your dream come true!

In the setting of the vibrant and exciting music festival in Chalabre, I will offer a 5 day art class program entitled:

Inspire your creativity with all your senses

For 5 days, from August 4th to 8th , we will meet  in either the bright morning light or the warm afternoon sun to paint the  endless inspiration bestowed upon us by this beautiful ancient town and its modern-day music festival. Each day we will work together for 3 hours at various locations and return for an evening hour of review. Daily downtime will provide you the opportunity to continue drawing and painting on your own and explore the rich festival program with musicians and artists from all over the world.  You may choose to wander in the spectacular surrounding landscape or enjoy a refreshing swim at lac de Montbel.

Please register as soon as possible, as this class is limited to a maximum of 10 participants.  The price, inclusive of all materials, is 500 Euro.

For accommodation, you will find ample and affordable offerings including the beautiful  Yobaba-Lounge  (images above) as well as other local hotels, bed & breakfast and Airbnb options in the region! Due to the popularity of the festival I recommend you book your accommodation early. And getting there is easy, from Luxembourg you can now get direct flights to Toulouse or from Brussels Charleroi to Carcassonne. Most accommodations offer a transport from and to the airport for an extra fee or you can rent a car at the airport and are able to explore the beautiful region. Montsegur, Carcassonne, the Niaux caves are all within driving range and are clearly beautiful locations not to be missed.

Chalabre en Sérénade

Chalabre is a charming little town over 800 years old nestled at the feet of the Pyrenees. It has a rich history with Romanesque roots and was, in mediaeval times, one of the cradles of troubadour singing. Despite the growth of a local weaving industry at the beginning of the last century, with the passing of time Chalabre  found itself drifting sleepily towards obscurity.

 Chalabre was brought back to life with the inception of the music and art festival Chalabre en Sérénade created in 2017 by the well-known musician and artist Vinx De’Jon Parrette and his wife Jennifer as a summer festival and “startup” bootcamp for young music artists from all over the world. It soon became an annual highlight, reinvigorating a less favored municipality on the outskirts of modern life in big cities and the profitable tourist’s inrush of other regions. The festival has brought renewed energy and vitality to Chalabre, allowing a sleeping beauty to open her eyes once again. 

Under the art-conduct of Vinx, professionals meet young talents in masterclasses, develop their ideas and present them in front of the audience of Chalabre’s citizens and summer guests. Throughout the run of the festival, musicians perform their work on stages in the streets, in the main market-square, and in the small village theatre. The week is culminated by a promenade with singing from the juliet balconies of the town’s houses, marrying perfectly with Chalabre’s rich  troubadour history.

Experience the exciting atmosphere of this unique, outstanding cultural event and allow your senses to be inspired in the most manifold of ways, to boost your creativity during my Summer art class.

Salut et á bientôt á Chalabre,

Sonja x

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