From the studio of an artist during the Corona lockdown and after

At lunch time on March 12th 2020 I said good-bye to the last group of students at the studio after a 2h session and couldn’t foresee how significantly my work would change, at least for quite a foreseeable time. From one week to the next I had to set out all my classes and the realisation of how big the impact of the corona virus to our life’s really is, is still settling in.

Culture, art and creativity are some of the most important human inspirations that keep us going, during the toughest times, we could see that with the many videos of musicians, actors and artists that kept posting inspirational content to keep our spirits high. During the first three weeks of the confinement I tried to find ways to make sure I could continue my classes as they were, in the online world. Little did I know that preparing a kids class that I normally give in three languages, would demand a crippling amount of time to prepare in a written format. Not to even talk about my quest to find a safe platform and a working concept for an online art studio where I wanted nothing more than to go back to my routine of inspiring people to express themselves. Eight weeks later I am still working on the online concepts for classes and have finally found two interesting leads, that also technically seem to allow further classes, but more on that soon.

Since childhood, my escape to happiness and mental strength have always been making art and self expression. You may guess it, in order to come back to my happy core I started to spend more and more time at the studio, which luckily is just across the hall. I have been focusing on making gelli prints and collages and found moments in which I could forget it all and even experienced bliss. And essentially I found a thankfulness for the opportunity to concentrate probably for the first time since my university years, a big part of my working day on the creation of art again. And last but not least I found myself with a substantial collection of cool art pieces now for sale, that are all somehow an expression of this very specific moment in time. Have a look maybe there is something for you there too?!
Without truly running away or closing my eyes from the difficulties that the situation brings, the hours of making art have provided me with an inner balance that helped me to cope with the still existing challenges of the new life.

So in order to help you to find moments of mindful creation I am currently working on two life streaming classes that I hopefully will be able to publish soon, if in the mean time you would like to take one on one art coaching sessions either online or life at the studio (from 18th May onwards) under the given hygiene rules of wearing a mask and washing hands you are very welcome to contact me for appointments. Stay safe & I hope to be able to catch up with you soon,

Sonja x

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