“The four seasons” a still life painting class – starting November 2021

In this fun and contemporary painting workshop over 5 weeks we will be using a variation of techniques, to capture still life settings of our time. While looking at different still life examples and their meaning in art history we will aim through seasonal object choices, musical inspirations and the creation of individual settings at an individual & contemporary view. You will be encouraged to look outside of the box, prepare your own still life settings and learn how to capture them from your very personal perspective. 

The class is a freeing, process driven painting workshop for all levels of students that want to learn how to express themselves with colours and learn how to develop a theme. The explorative way in which we will use the materials is great for beginners and experienced artists a like. The participants will be encouraged to trust themselves and their painting process and will learn to creatively react to challenges that might appear on their paths. Due to the small number of participants each student will be encouraged at a personal level.

The workshops take place at my atelier in Belair on Monday evenings from 19.00 – 21.00 or on Tuesday mornings from 10.00-12.00. The classes will start on the 8th/9th November and go through to the 6th/7th December.
The course fee for the set of 5 classes is 360€ and is payable on subscription. Should there be a difficulty to continue the classes at the studio due to the pandemic, the classes continue as life streaming sessions and I hope you do understand that refunds will not be available. 

Due to the measures around the Corona virus the class sizes are reduced to a max. of 6 participants. In order to keep us all safe, you are greeted with disinfectant gel at the door and masks need to be worn on arrival. Once you are seated with a distance of 2m between each other you can take your mask off.

To book the class or in case you do have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me and please feel free to share with your friends.

I am looking forward to an exciting autumn class!
Warm regards,

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