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Weekend painting workshop – Creating new ideas & working in series – 16/17 June

Coming up with new ideas of what to paint and getting into the flow of the painting process can be sometimes the daunting part of art creation. One of my favourite methods to create new ideas, that also deals with our tendency to dither in front of white paper or to overwork elements of a painting – is to work on several paintings in parallel.

In order to fully get into the flow of this method and really explore its possibilities I am offering a weekend painting workshop from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon in which we will jump right into the serial painting process. You will discover the inspiration of colours, shapes and forms and get new ideas on how to unlock your inner artist.
We will be working with pencils, crayons, inks and acrylics on small paper formats on the first day and transition to bigger formats the second day, by keeping the flow and ease of the method.

The weekend workshop takes place in Belair on Saturday 16th June (10am – 6pm) and Sunday 17th June (10am – 4pm) and costs 300 Euros including all materials. On both days there will be a lunch break of one hour where we can order food in on demand. As the participants number is limited to eight students, please do book early in order to avoid disappointment.
Looking forward to a creative weekend!
Sonja x

Summer Art Classes for Teenagers & Young Adults – 2018

This summer I am offering again a summer art class for teenagers and young adults that love art and would like to be encouraged to think and work off the beaten track. We will be exploring how to develop ideas and work with a sketch book, brush up on a few basic art skills that help to get on with the realisation of creative projects and we will try to push boundaries that we encounter. We will be discussing the meaning of art and also exploring works of contemporary artists. Learning to express what matters to us and how to transmit that through works of art.


(C) Creation of J. Mollgard 2016

The summer art class will provide a fun, daily 2h atelier environment in which the students are encouraged to work, think and discuss about a given subject, that ideally they also will work on a bit at home in the afternoon. The participants will be encouraged to work with a sketchbook and how to use it for their idea development and will be drawing, painting & building. The idea is to provide the participants with an intensive creative experience that widens their perspective in a safe & pressure free environment, with feedback and encouragement to test and experiment with a choice of artistic materials and techniques. The course will also be an ideal starting point for all students thinking about a possible creative career and that need to prepare a portfolio in the long run.


The class is taking place in Belair daily from the 23rd July to the 27th July from 10.00 – 12.00. The course fee is 200 Euros per week and includes a sketchbook and all further materials. As the places will be limited please do book early in order to avoid disappointment.