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Landscape painting class – starting November 2020

Landscape has always been a big theme in art. In this 6 weeks course we will dive into the creation of landscape paintings from different angles and take a closer look at the world around us. During the classes we will be also talking about the subject in art history and try to establish a personal yet contemporary view. You will be encouraged to look at the landscapes around you and learn how to capture them from your own, very personal perspective. 

The class is a freeing, process driven mixed media painting workshop for all level of students that want to learn how to express themselves with colors and learn how to develop a theme. The explorative way in which we will use the materials is great for beginners and experienced artists a like. The participants will be encouraged to trust themselves and their painting process and will learn to creatively react to challenges that might appear on their paths. Due to the small number of participants each student will be encouraged at a personal level.

In preparation for the class I recommend to choose at least five photos of different landscapes that inspire you to capture them, may it be countryside views, seascapes, cityscapes, industrial views, etc… .

The workshops take place at my atelier in Belair on Monday evenings from 19.00 – 21.00 or on Tuesday mornings from 10.00-12.00. The classes will start on the 9th November/10th November and end on the 14thDecember/15th December.

The course fee for the set of 6 classes is 380€ and includes all materials. The course fee is payable on subscription.

Due to the measures around the Corona virus the class sizes are reduced to a max. of 6 participants. Masks have to be worn on arrival and when the safety distance of at least 1.5 meters cannot be guaranteed. The participants are seated with a distance of 2m between each other, so you can create without masks if you want to. 
Should there be a difficulty to continue the classes at the studio due to the pandemic, the classes will continue as life streaming sessions and I hope you do understand that refunds will not be available. 

To book the class or in case you do have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me and please feel free to share with your friends.

I am looking forward to a new creative season with you, despite the odds!
Warm regards,

From the studio of an artist during the Corona lockdown and after

At lunch time on March 12th 2020 I said good-bye to the last group of students at the studio after a 2h session and couldn’t foresee how significantly my work would change, at least for quite a foreseeable time. From one week to the next I had to set out all my classes and the realisation of how big the impact of the corona virus to our life’s really is, is still settling in.

Culture, art and creativity are some of the most important human inspirations that keep us going, during the toughest times, we could see that with the many videos of musicians, actors and artists that kept posting inspirational content to keep our spirits high. During the first three weeks of the confinement I tried to find ways to make sure I could continue my classes as they were, in the online world. Little did I know that preparing a kids class that I normally give in three languages, would demand a crippling amount of time to prepare in a written format. Not to even talk about my quest to find a safe platform and a working concept for an online art studio where I wanted nothing more than to go back to my routine of inspiring people to express themselves. Eight weeks later I am still working on the online concepts for classes and have finally found two interesting leads, that also technically seem to allow further classes, but more on that soon.

Since childhood, my escape to happiness and mental strength have always been making art and self expression. You may guess it, in order to come back to my happy core I started to spend more and more time at the studio, which luckily is just across the hall. I have been focusing on making gelli prints and collages and found moments in which I could forget it all and even experienced bliss. And essentially I found a thankfulness for the opportunity to concentrate probably for the first time since my university years, a big part of my working day on the creation of art again. And last but not least I found myself with a substantial collection of cool art pieces now for sale, that are all somehow an expression of this very specific moment in time. Have a look maybe there is something for you there too?!
Without truly running away or closing my eyes from the difficulties that the situation brings, the hours of making art have provided me with an inner balance that helped me to cope with the still existing challenges of the new life.

So in order to help you to find moments of mindful creation I am currently working on two life streaming classes that I hopefully will be able to publish soon, if in the mean time you would like to take one on one art coaching sessions either online or life at the studio (from 18th May onwards) under the given hygiene rules of wearing a mask and washing hands you are very welcome to contact me for appointments. Stay safe & I hope to be able to catch up with you soon,

Sonja x

Creative art classes for everyone – in Belair starting in September

Dear all,

With the set up of my new studio space in Belair I am able to offer a whole new range of art classes for children & adults. During the holiday summer months there are still a few places for Summer art classes for children and for adults I am offering Art in the Park workshops in which you can enjoy summer in all its glory and create and paint outside.

Following the rentrée I am offering Tuesday afternoon kids classes from 15.30 – 17.30, for the age group 7 – 12 years and Thursday afternoons kids classes for the age group 4 – 6 years. Classes will start on the 11th and 14th September and will go over a 12 week period for all details please follow this link.

From the 10th September onwards I am offering a new 6 weeks “Boost your creativity” workshop for adults on Monday nights or Tuesday mornings, which will be an ideal start to bring more creativity into your daily life. Eye opening exercises and practical tips and tricks will help you to take new perspectives and to creatively create more often.

From September 13th onwards I am offering a new mixed media “Black & White painting workshopLess is more or discovering your artistic freedom through the limitation of colours” in which we will explore the space between abstract and concrete, with all tones of black and white and focus on painting elements, lines and personal gesture, the use of composition, structure, space and form. It is a freeing workshop for everyone from beginner to experienced creator – anybody really that feels stuck in a rut and wants to take new perspectives. The class takes place on Thursday nights or Friday mornings.

On Friday afternoons I am particularly happy to be able to offer a 2h Open Atelier, for all those students that would like to continue working on their own personal projects in a supportive group environment.

And there is so much more in the planning, an open atelier weekend in autumn, parents & kids workshops at weekends, etc. In order to stay tuned please don’t hesitate to subscribe to my newsletter.
I look forward to lots of creative interaction in the brand new atelier space and wish you and your loved ones beautiful summer weeks!

Kind regards,

OPEN Atelier & end of season party – 16th, 17th and 18th of June

At the weekend of the 16th, 17th and 18th of June I like to welcome you to my OPEN Atelier with a special end of season party for all students, former and new ones, friends and families on Saturday the 17th from 15.00 – 19.00h!

Together with Yolanda de Niet another artist & friend that lives in the same building, we are opening our ateliers for the whole weekend on Friday from 19.00 and Saturday & Sunday in the time from 15h – 19h. It will be a lovely occasion to catch up about art & creativity, meet with old friends and previous participants of classes again and to show my younger course participants the other work I do. In the past few years we have had lots of fun to recreate art works with the project, if you are up for it the camera is always ready.

For the occasion I am offering a 30% discount on selected art works on show and as usual there are also different payment plans available on demand.

In order to plan the drinks and snacks quantities can I kindly ask you to drop me a quick mail to let me know if and with how many people you are able to make it. I am really looking forward to seeing you and hope many of you can make it!

Best regards,
Sonja x

What a fabulous summer – Newsletter August

business2What a fabulous summer we have had so far and for some of us we are only half way through the summer holidays. Yeah!! The summer kids art classes were great fun and we could work lots outside. We have had a few sessions of “Art in the Park” where we could create fun art works in the evening sun and even during my latest “Creative sparks 4 Businesses” (see above) we could work partly outside. Let us hope there are some more beautiful days to come! But even if the cooler days are ahead of us I have put together a fun, bright programme of nice classes for all ages. And I am currently researching locations for a relaxing & creative weekend workshop in November. So please stay tuned!


The time to work on my own artistic projects is always quite limited and I feel the same pressure that most of you deal with. When we finally make the time to create something, it first takes a while to get back into the flow of the painting or creation process in general. But if we stick to it, it is so worth the effort, we are overall happier, have spent more mindful time with ourselves and in most cases, we have created new beautiful objects or paintings.
If you want to use the rentrée to bring more creativity into your life, than join us in the new “Boost your creativity” classesI am offering on Thursday evening and Friday mornings starting on the 17th September.The spaces are filling up fast, so please get into touch soon in order to avoid disappointment.

kids classes dIf you want to provide your children with a creative time-out every Tuesday afternoon, over a 12 week period, there are still spaces for all ages in the kids art classes that I organise in co-operation with a parent initiative from Weimershof.
The aim of the classes is to provide the children with inspiration and materials to express themselves in all different kind of media.

There are always new co-operations and partnerships coming up. On the 20th September I will organise for the Bicycle Art & Film Festival another Plasticine animation workshop at Carré Rotondes and some further fun projects still to be discussed. For the registration and further information please check their web site in the coming weeks.

cutoutglassFor those of you who have already experienced the, “Boost your creativity”, classes once or twice 😉 – you will be happy to know that there will be new“Playful creative discovery” classes starting on the 12th November. I will update my website regarding these classes on our return from the holidays in September.

In September I also celebrate the end of my second year as independent artist and arts educator. Time to say a big thank you to all of you that have purchased some of my art works, that have come to my classes again and again and that have entrusted me to guide the creative souls of your children in their artistic development. It has been a fantastic experience! And I raise my glass to more fun to come!
Wishing you and your families a fabulous end of the summer and that we meet again soon!

Sonja x

Merry Christmas & happy New Year

Today is my last class for the season and I would like to use the opportunity to thank you for the interest and participation in my art & classes, may it be by yourself or your children! I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and hope the feeling was mutual! I now look forward to a few weeks in which I will recharge the batteries, by painting myself and reading lots of new interesting books on creativity and art  – and hope we will meet soon again in 2014!

Wishing you and your families a very merry Christmas and all the best for a happy New Year!

Sonja x

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