Creative Sparks 4 Businesses

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on!” – A. Einstein

If you have recognised that your clients need more products and services made by happy and creative work staff, that your work environment needs an outside eye to find simple improvements on how to boost your employees creativity & involvement and if you are looking for a motivational artist/speaker/arts educator to share the creative spark with your employees or clients, you have found the right person. Having trained for different European Institutions on varied subjects, I now concentrate on the importance of creativity and its practical implications in our lives.

Depending on your specific needs I am creating tailor made concepts for talks, one off or regular practical hands on art sessions or concepts for employee/client days that encourages my participants to reconnect to their creative self and to recognise the importance of it in their daily work/life. Please feel free to contact me in order to discuss your requirements.

“At our recent offsite Sonja facilitated a creative workshop for us that combined team building and collaboration with creative thinking. Sonja’s energy and passion got everyone very quickly engaged and had a lot of fun creating four paintings which are now hanging in our offices (and surprisingly we got quite a few ‘wow’s’ for them). Thank you Sonja for an afternoon filled with laughter and lots of colour.”- Tanja Ruesch, Sr HR Manager


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